Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get sized? What if it doesn't fit?

A: If you do not currently know your size then it would be best to go to a jeweler and be sized for a 7-8mm (wide banded) comfort fit ring. This process is free and should help ensure that you get a good fit on your ring. We can send you a ring sizer if you have no way of getting to a jeweler, or you can order one online. We suggest the ones that look like zip ties. 

We offer ring exchanges if you receive your ring and it doesn't fit correctly, but as each ring is made to order and hand crafted, it is desirable to try and get the sizing right on the first attempt.

Q: How do I care for my ring?

A: Avoid rough treatment of your ring. Operating heavy machinery, weight lifting, etc. while wearing it. Your ring can withstand occasional hand washing with mild soap, but avoid submerging it in water for long periods of time. Remove when taking a bath or swimming. Do not expose to chemical solvents. Hand sanitizer, while common right now, is harsh on hand crafted items.

The breakability of our rings is similar to tungsten carbide and it is a safety feature. Accidents that would result in damage to your person with a metal ring, where the ring may crimp on your finger, or tear away your skin, possibly resulting in the loss of a finger, will instead cause most of our rings to break.

If you're curious then look up what happened to Jimmy Fallons' finger! 

Q: How long will my ring last?

A: We provide a full year of unlimited warranty starting on your delivery date. During that year we will repair or replace a damaged or broken ring no matter the circumstances. This ensures that any ring with a defect from crafting or that is damaged during shipping is 100% covered.

After the first year we continue to provide limited warranty. Repairing fixable damage to rings. Resurfacing, wood filling, polishing, etc.

If your ring is broken after the first year, and you would like a replacement, you can message us about discounts for repurchasing. Rings hand crafted with wood do not last forever, but they can last a very very long time when treated with care. (see our care instructions FAQ).


Q: What is the width of this ring? Can I customize it?

A: If unspecified our width to ring size ratio is as follows:

Sizes 4 - 6.5: 6mm width
Sizes 7 - 10: 7mm width
Sizes 10.5-15: 8mm width

Since we make each ring from start to finish we can completely customize the width of most of our rings. The exception being our Brass and Copper rings; we're working on a fix for this as we speak. For the wood and carbon fiber rings, and the carbon fiber only rings we prefer to stay between 7 and 10mm, but can craft rings from 6 to 12mm on request. 

Rings below 6mm or above 9mm are not eligible for returns, but can still be exchanged or altered.

Q: Can the rings be engraved?

A: At the moment we are not able to engrave our rings. This won't be possible with any of our wooden interiors, although we are working on being able to offer this for our metal rings. In the mean time you are able to take our metal rings to be engraved elsewhere.

Q: Can I customize or personalize the ring? 

A: We can do custom widths for our rings, although preferably not going below 6mm. We can invert our ring design and put the wood on the exterior and the forged carbon fiber on the inside. Please message and ask about your customization, and once we land on something you can put it in your order comment.

If we customize a ring to something outside the range of our normal products we cannot accept it as a return, but we may still be able to do an exchange or alteration for you depending on the customization. 

If you still have a question go ahead and send us a message! We'll get back to you within 24 hours.